Functionality From Operational and Architectural Perspectives In Hotel Investment
Otel Yatırımı İçin Doğru Fizibilite Yeterli mi?

Before making an investment on a hotel business,all the processes-feasibility study being in the first place-from investment budget,marketing strategy and purchase to personnel selection,need to be operated carefully.Hotel investments are regarded as big investments and serious budgets are needed for these investments.

The Imporance of Feasibility Report Before Starting The Project
A great amount of spendings are being made in hotel business.At this point,various researches are needed to be made and uncertainities should be quelled by investors in decision phase.In order to achieve this,it is very important that various updated data are gathered.Before starting the project,many issues have to be clarified.It is especially very important that the location of the investment,market researches on the region where the hotel is going to be built,capacity of the hotel that will be constructed and its operating conditions are made clear.Besides all,if a domestic or foreign partnership is at stake or if giving of the operating right to a manager is in question,then details of these issues should be discussed.Besides,issues like how the investment will be financed and cost researches depending on the region where the hotel will be built should be clarified.Thus,the occuring of possible problems will be blocked by preparing a detailed feasibility report.

A Detailed and Comprehensive Budget Before The Opening
It will grease the wheels to consider the budget that will be needed for possible spendings earlier before the opening of a hotel.Before this budget is prepared,enough amount of resource for promotion and advertisement campaigns should be allocated and the timing,salary and position of the personnel that is going to be employed should be decided on.Enough source from the budget should be allocated especially for extra operating cost items,travel spendings,in-office spendings,education/training costs and other spendings that are possible to face.It is of course not enough just to allocate sources.It is also very important that the budget that has been allocated is under the control of the manager and that it is being managed well.

Points To take Into Consideration In A Hotel Project
The architecture and project designing of a hotel require expertise.It is very important that projects are being drawn by a team that is experienced and knowledgeable in its field.Through this,the need to make changes during the project and occurance of probable losses can be prevented.It should be known that these financial measure of the occurance of these losses will not be very light.At this point ,the number of the investors who had to demolish and then reconstruct their investments just because of misdesigning should also be taken into account .There also had been some investors who had to employ more than they needed.Besides these,there had been investors who had to spend excess time and  energy.Taking these into account,we can say that the benefits of starting a project with a team that has worked in a hotel project before and/or ,if possible, with a team that has experienced hotel operation,is an undeniable fact.

Planning Of The Projects
In a hotel project,it is very important that ofices,personnel,service and storage areas are planned sufficiently and properly.In some cases,it is assumed that places allocated for these areas are unneccessarily and uselessly big.Because of this assumption,these areas might be smaller than they should be.And in some other cases,we see that these areas are not planned well because of the same reason.All of these signal for serious probable problems during operation.Because of insufficient or misplaced storage areas,excess time and energy can be spent.Moreover,storages being too small can cause miscalculation of costs and wrong inventory control checkings.And this situation brings many problems together with itself.In fact,the losses and damages caused by narrow halls are not cases an investor can reckon.However,insufficient office/work conditions,small personnel areas,the fact that not enough importance and attention are given to issues like these cause big losses.And investors do not always take these into account.But we can say that a carefully and neatly designed Project does not give a rise to losses like these.This enables the investor to spend his/her budget on elements that strengthen the quality and functionality of his/her hotel.

Purchase Phase
Mistakes made during the purchase phase brings many other problems together with itself.During the purchase phase,property owners usually give a miss to appealing to general director’s or other department managers’ experience and knowledge.Equipments that are bought just because they are cheap can also cause wrong preferences.One other common mistake is the purchasing of excess operational equipments and configurations that hotel managers are made to buy without having enough detailed knowledge of the work.However,what should be done at this point is to prefer products whose standards have been indicated before and that are well-known in the market. By this way,many probable problems will be prevented.Besides that,it will also derive a big profit to appeal to the knowledge of experienced people during purchase phase.

There are lots of consulting companies that work with new hotels in our country.Experienced and knowledgeable consultants are found in those companies.Consulting companies  performing with their experienced team in the company have a vital importance in the sense of making sure that tourism investments being made in our country are well and carefully structured.

Qualified and specialized consulting companies offer professional support in many phases of  hotel investments.One of these support offers is providing help in architectural drawing.Consulting companies make it easier to locate the areas like rooms,offices,storages and working areas properly on the existing plan.Moreover,these companies share their field knowledge with the investor and make beneficial suggestions.In addition to these,consulting companies also provide the investor with professional technical consulting service.They offer support in issues like the completion of the construction properly in sense of techical rightness,energy saving,building security, sewerage system,electric and cabling.A consulting company can leave someone in charge who has experience in hotel openings to provide this support efficiently.

In short,we can say that consulting companies share their experience and neccessary knowledge with the investors especially in architectural and operational issues in order to provide profitableness and desired feedback.It is the healthy way for a hotel investor who has new investment plans in the sector and who make trend analysis to get support from an experienced consulting company.Because the professional support consulting companies offer is very important in order to make conscious and right investments,control external factors,invest in future and to be able to determine the value of the demands.