The Role Of Empathy In Hospitality
Gerçekten Empati Kurabiliyor muyuz?

Emphatic communication skills like putting oneself into the shoes of the visitors and trying to understand the feelings and thoughts of them are found in the education process.

There is a two-way communication between the served and serving in service industry.This two-way communication shows up in  the activities of all enterprises that operate in the industry.It is very natural to see problems showing up in the case of a poor communication during this two-way process.Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings,prejudices,gossips,failures and things like these.Cases like these lead to stress and cases that might to lead stress are things that should be gotten rid of especially in service industry.It is clear fact that stress is one of the biggest enemies of a person.Whoever he/she is,it will not change the fact that misunderstandings,poor communication and many other negativities will ocur when he/she is defeated by stres.Negativities like these can show up during the service period too.What enterprises should do in cases like these is to turn the tide,improve the relations and decrease the level of stres by bringing service activities into the forefront and by operating these activities more efficiently.

All the enterprises that operate in service industry should try hard to get to know and understand both  their personnel and also their visitors more and better.Besides this,they should also promote emphaty by making it possible for every person found under the roof of the enterprise to share their opinions and feelings with each other.Sometimes,cases in which the desired level of quality is not attained can be at stake as well as the cases in which serving and consuming of the service is not likely to happen at the same time.The service being not synchronous and complications occuring may pit the visitors against the personnel.Special care and importance should be paid to some points in service industry to avoid this.We can,for sure,say that one of these important points is the authorisations of service provider.It is very important that personnel who have a high level of knowledge and skills are employed in service industry.Moreover,the decision making ability of the personnel working should also be strengthened.It is also very important that the personnel working are really aware of their duties and responsibilities.Having the kind of employees that are commited to the enterprise they are working is also crucial.When we take all these into account,it becomes possible to see how important it is to have the employees who are capable of coming over the negativities and complications.It is very important that an employee working in an enterprise operating in service industry puts service betterment applications into practise as soon as possible.Because this is the only way to deal with the complaints of the visitors and complications taking place.Creating satisfaction and the desire of redemanding the same service in the mind of the visitor can also be achieved by this way.With the help of a betterment application in the enterprise,quality and productivity will also be increased.When we have a look at our day,we can see that impressive communication methods are the ones that are worked on much among these betterment applications.Education and training are the two ways used in the process of adopting these impressive communication methods.During the education period,different ways of impressive communication ways are being presented to the personnel.

We can say that in order to increase their level of service quality and efficiency,the enterprises that prefer emphaty as an element of good communication are ,in a way,reconsidering professional service  concept by payin attention to the different expectations of visitors.It is a clear fact that it is very natural to see a professional service being given in the process of communication which is formed with emphaty because it makes understanding and being understood easier and helps sensual and intellectual sharing to occur.The actual important thing in this procedure is making the visitor feel that he/she is special.Besides that,it is also crucial to make the visitors feel that they are being given a special and quality service.It must be known that every good service helps the level of customer satisfaction to increase.Moreover,the level of demand dependability also increases with this.This also results in redemandings of the services taken by the visitors.Some researches show that customer satisfaction level is closely related with the occurance of positive feelings and thoughts in the mind of visitors.

Besides these,researches also show that the personnel being liked by the visitors are usually the ones who have a high level of emphaty feeling.

It is observed that emphaty which is a crucial element of good communication,has many educational benefits aimed at two-way communication between the serving and served.When we have a look at those observations,we again see how important the role of emphaty in service industry is.

Competencies That Come Up With Emphaty
Conceptual Sharing
Positive Thinking and Good Memory
Cultural Impression
Personal Time Management
Improving Body Language
The ability to deal with cases which may lead to stress
The ability to share deep feelings
The ability to distinct the features
Practise Of Open Communication
Role Harmony
Integration With The Environment