The Effects Of Social Media In Tourism Industry
Sosyal Medyanın Gücü


Today,we can say that social media has been an environment that provides a rich source of information especially for  people who travel . However,together with this rich source of information,social media also makes it harder for a potential visitor to decide on where to stay and spend his/her time.With the rapid imporvement of social media,it has become harder to make decisions for almost all the travelers.

A potential guest who wants to check for some hotels in a particular country faces millions of search results on the net.This makes the potential guests observe more and more details making them get lost in those results.Today,many hotel enterprises use social media as a way of marketing by taking these points into account.Enterprises that benefit from social media efficiently make it easier for the potential guests to choose.Efficient social media marketing makes a major contribution to hotel enterprises.One of these contibutions is the social media directing the target audience traffic to hotels’ websites.Besides that,efficient social media marketing plays a major role in increasing the level of customer loyalty.Taking these into consideration,we can observe that social media is very important for hotel enterprises.

The major networks a hotel enterprise can benefit from on the net is Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.Hotel enterprises that know how to use these major social networks transmit their messages easily to their target audience.Moreover,the enterprises makes a great contribution to itself in the process of branding.

As it is easily seen,social media has turned out to be an efficient way of marketing with the rise of mobile internet usage.However,there are,of course,some gadgets of using social media.It is very important that a hotel enterprise who benefits/is planning to benefit from social media is aware of these important key points.

The Effect of Mobile Internet Use on Hotel Enterprise
It is now possible to gain access to internet via mobile devices.It is possible to say that nearly all people have the chance to get access to internet with their mobile devices.This is seen as a big opportunity by various sectors.Many hotel enterprises started using social media efficiently as soon as possible turning the situation into an opportunity for themselves.Researches made show that every 9 people out of 10 will be using mobile internet by 2015.This means that the use of social media as a means of marketing will also increase.

Some of the potential guests who benefit from internet make their reservations and choices via their mobile devices.Majority of the guests comfirm their check ins again on their mobile devices.Moreover,the biggest group of guests are the ones who keep using the internet and their mobile devices during their holidays.That is,even when they are doing nothing about their reservations and plannings via their mobile devices,we can say that they stil keep benefitting from internet with their mobile devices.

The Reasons Behind The Mobil Device Use Of The Visitors During Their Travels
A guests staying at any hotel usually uses at least one smart mobile device.What can the reasons behind this use be? Visitors make many calls via their smart devices.Nearly all of them access to internet by using these mobile devices.Taking the ‘selfie’ trend into account,we can also say  that guests also like to photo their moments with their smart phones during their travels.Moreover,they also benefit from different applications to ease the cases occuring during their travels.Especially when the guests are out for discovering the environment of the place they arrived,they benefit from various map applications.And some of them use the net and social media to discover quality nice restaurants around.Most visitors also confirm their check ins on their mobile devices on social networks which make a contribution to the popularity of the enterprise they are staying in.This catches the eye as one of the big contributions made to the enterprise provided by the social media and internet.

Which Social Networks Should Hotel Enterprises Use?
The use limits of mobile devices of course does not end with these.A guest staying at a hotel keeps using social networks during his/her time away home.Guest who usually update their statuses share new information regularly with their followers.According to researches made,Facebook,Twitter and Foursquare are the most commonly used social networks.There is one point that should not be forgotten by hotels: Guests share the photos of their moments with their followers in the hotel they are staying which means their photos reach to thousands of people in such a short time.Because of this,a hotel enterprise should think on which social network to use before it starts benefitting from social media.Taking the user habits into account,it is possible to say that Facebook,Twitter and Foursquare are good social sites for a hotel enterprise to use as a means of marketing and branding.

An Efficient Profile Should Be Created For The Attention Of The Potential Guests
According to the reasearches,it is seen that more than half of the people using smart phone and social networks get influenced much by the photos and comments of their friends on the net.The number of travelers who use old methods are constantly decreasing.Most of the guests never fail to share their views online about the restaurants and hotels they have been to.By this way,in a way,we can say that the advertising of the restaurants and hotels are being made.Today,most travelers share their travel photos with their friends and followers online.With the help of this,enterprises promote themselves on the internet.

When we think about all these,we can see that many hotel enterprises use social media as a means of marketing.Besides,the interest of people for mobile applications is also increasing day by day as well as the numbers of internet users worldwide.We can not ignore the fact that  social media is becoming an efficient way as days pass especially during the sales of the services offered in tourism industry.It is possible to say that hotel enterprises that move their marketing methods to internet are doing the right thing when we consider the increasing interest in mobile devices. A hotel enterprise can also get support from a consulting company in order to get more effective on the net.Hotel consulting companies have the experience and knowledge that is needed for efficient advertising,marketing and online sellings.Many hotel consulting companies make major contributions to hotel enterprises about social media activity as well as other offers in various issues.