Reputation Management In Hotel Enterprises
Otellerin İtibar Yönetimi

Although the corporate reputations of the firms have been put emphasis on recently,it was always a very important issue.In order to understand this fact,taking a look at not only to our day but also to the past is required.When we have a look at big enterprises,we see that the reason behind their high reputations is the effect of their commercial success.It would be wrong to ignore the effect of commercial success in cases like this.

"It takes 20 years to build up a good reputation but takes only 5 minutes to fall into disrepute"

To be able to observe this issue,it would be enough to take a look at enterprises that operate in hospitality industry.Because hotel enterprises have a close contact with the customers and spend much time with them.That is why this issue occupies an important space in the reputations of the enterprises that operate in hospitality industry.At the present day,the technology age which we live in lets information travel fast.Because of this reason,we can say that it is a crystal-clear fact that enterprises need to make much effort to protect and manage their reputation.Moreover,we can say that it has become an obligation for hotel enterprises to attach great importance to this matter.

There is a nice quotation of Warren Buffet who is one of the famous businessmen in the world : ‘It takes 20 years to build up a good reputation but takes only 5 minutes to fall into disrepute.’ This quotation of Warren Buffet whose fortune is 53 billion dollars worth summarizes the importance of reputation well.

In our time,internet has become one of the musts of daily life.When this point is taken into account,it can be said that the enterprises constantly have to produce innovations to protect and raise their reputations.Reputation management is a very important matter especially for hotel enterprises.Based on this,there are many operations and activities hotel enterprises have to make.

First of all,enterprises who pay attention to this issue should have a reputation management plan.Reputation management is seen as an abstract concept by many.In fact,we can say that this is one of the biggest problems of reputation management.This applies not only to hotel enterprises but also to visitors staying in those.This is a fact that many people feel either positive or negative things inside when they hear the name of a hotel enterprise.It is not very possible to handle and crystalise this point perceptibly.In the light of all these,hotel enterprises should be very aware of  what they are doing.As we indicate,it is really hard to handle an abstract concept perceptibly.Overcoming this issue is to be aware of the things being done.This is the reason why forming a reputation management plan for hotel enterprises is very important. Reputation management plan has many parts and these parts should be expressed clearly. One of the prior ways of forming a good reputation management plan is coming to the forefront on internet.We can take an infamous hotel as an example at this point.The first thing a potential visitor who is curious about the services and facilities of that hotel  does is probably  searching that hotel on the net.This potential visitor will see many search results while searching for the name of a hotel on internet.First search results the potential visitors faces will naturally cause some feelings occur inside our potential visitor.These feelings  form the basis of what we called ‘abstract’ concepts.A hotel enterprise that cares for reputation management should take this issue into account and provide its hotel with internet search results appearing at the top of the page.The first page about a hotel a visitor sees after his/her internet search would probably be the home page of that hotel.Together with this,the appearance of social media page links of that hotel on this first page would provide an advantage for this hotel in terms of reputation management.Facebook and twitter are the two of social media sites that come to minds first when the topic is social media but having Google+,Instagram or Pinterest accounts will also be very beneficial in forming a good reputation management.

One other important point about reputation management is the comments made online.There are sites on which people can make comments about hotel enterprises.It is,of course,a nice thing for a hotel enterprise to appear on the sites like this.However,it should not be forgotten that negative comments also exist on these sites besides positive ones.Moreover,we can even say that these negative comments is the reason why some hotels do not prefer to appear on sites like those.The appearance of negative comments about a hotel is more likely to exist than positive comments even though that hotel has a low rate of customer dissatisfaction.A visitor with complaints usually write about his/her dissatisfaction as soon as possible while,on the other hand,this is not usually the case for a visitor with positive thoughts and feelings about a hotel enterprise.Because of this reason,although a hotel has a low rate of customer dissatisfaction,this rate might seem to be higher on the net.Hotel enterprises should equilibrate when it comes to this point.Enterprises can ask for the thoughts and feelings of the visitors and encourage them to share their views on the internet as a healthy way for reputation management.If possible,it can be a good strategy to please the already- satisfied-visitors by paying extra attention to them at this point.

Two of the best ways of forming a good reputation management are customer tracking and computation.Whether a hotel is big or small does not always mean that hotel is not known by anyone.It is a fact that although a hotel  is a small one, there are always some people who are talking about that hotel on the net for sure.A hotel enterprise should be aware of the comments being made about it to form and manage a good reputation of its trademark.There are many firms that offer this help on to the enterprises on the net.By using Google Alerts and similar free services on the net,enterprises can easily get through this case.Besides these services,getting help from certain professional firms can also be considered.

When we have a look at the age we are living in again,we can see that reputation management is more important than it was thought to be.We can even say that the concept ‘reputation’ has been a ‘delicate’ issue.Taking this into account,we can say that hotel enterprises should at least employ one person and give him/her responsibility covering reputation management.By this way,enterprises can prevent itself from losing its reputation which they obtained with a heavy heart and perpetuate it. It is possible for a hotel enterprise to keep its reputation high,manage it and at the same time,increase the sales evenly.Enterprises should be aware of that and abide by it.